washington ca

Abandoned Jolly Boys Mine Trip with the VS4-10 Pro

I took a day to myself and went exploring with the VS4-10 Pro. I found an abandoned mine site using google maps and wanted to see if I could get to it. It turned out to be an amazing experience!

The location is east of Washington CA on Maybert Rd. Don’t let the path on Google Maps fool you though, it is not as is shown. You will run into private property with gates if you take this direction. As a general rule, just divert on the nearest fork in the trail and try to stay along the river. Don’t take any turns that backtrack and you should be fine. Make sure to download offline maps on your phone is you want additional reassurance you are on the right heading. You’ll need a capable 4WD vehicle, something like a Jeep or small truck is best. A Subaru may make it but there are some areas of deeper water and slightly technical rock terrain. The drive is about 45mins to an hour from the Maybert Rd Bridge.

If you are able to make it here, this is one of the most amazing swimming holes in California.