Photo by  Mario A. Zamudio

About Harley Designs

My name is Josh Thiede, the name Harley came from my original screen name on the forum back in 2004. I rode motorcycles at the time but my passion for two wheels was somehow surpassed by my obsession for 4-wheel-drive radio control rock crawling. I have been working professionally for RC companies since 2007, but with my decision to begin focusing on producing YouTube videos in 2012, my involvement has grown year after year. I am a licensed professional Civil Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer but I decided to leave that profession after 10 years to go full-time into the radio control world. In 2016, I moved from Kansas City, Missouri to northern California to take an opportunity with Vanquish Products.

I pour an enormous amount of time, money and effort into producing content. I appreciate the amount of people I get to meet who mention that they have seen my content, it is what makes all the time worth it. If we ever happen to be at the same place at the same time, please say hello.

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