Rear Only Portal Axle & Overdrive Calculations - VS4-10 Pro

I wanted to install a portal axle into the rear of my VS4-10 Pro. While this may sound odd, hear me out first. Plus I get into how you calculate overdrive percentages.

Portal Rear Axle: http://bit.ly/2klyt0o

Portal Overdrive Gears: http://bit.ly/2lV7qcq

AR44 6-Hole Overdrive Gears: http://bit.ly/2kltDjI

F9 Servo On Axle Mount: http://bit.ly/2m2WGcd

Percentage Difference Calculator: http://bit.ly/2ky5Qgr

VS4-10 Pro Available for purchase here:

Clear: http://bit.ly/2ZxxPvv

Black: http://bit.ly/2KqlOof