For Sale or Trade

S1T1 - SCX10 Bronco

Price: Undetermined (Estimated @ $350+ after future modifications are completed)


This is the series where we start with an inexpensive used RTR trail truck and attempt to work our way up to a proper high class trophy case worthy rig. Each vehicle is scored on arrival and departure. This will allow for comparing data as to what vehicles sell well, where the sweet spot is for buyers, and what kind of profits can be gained. Is it better the add big upgrades or keep it cheap to make the most progress? Let’s find out!

Season 1 Vehicles


S1T1 - SCX10 Bronco

The perfect start to the first season, this truck will help us launch a prosperous series!


Quality: 6

Age/Gen: 6

Finish: 8

Durability/Practicality: 6

Resale: 6

Purchase Price: $175

Selling Price: TBD