The S1T1 Bronco as it arrived

The S1T1 Bronco as it arrived

S1T1 - SCX10 Bronco - Flip THat Truck

The first truck in the Flip That Truck series is this solid SCX10 with the Proline Bronco body and CGR cage.

Build Breakdown:

Base Vehicle: Axial SCX10 G6

Body: Proline Bronco w/CGR Cage

Wheels: Incision molded KMC Machete Beadlocks

Tires: Vanquish Products VXT

Motor: Dynamite 20T

ESC: Axial AE5

Servo: Tactic TSX45

Radio: Tactic 3ch

Receiver: Tactic 3ch

Bumpers: Rock Armour Front/Rear Bumpers

Shocks: Aluminum body Axial Icon Shocks

Axles Housing: SSD Plastic Housings

Axle Upgrades: VP Stage 1 Kit, Brass front axle tubes

Suspension Upgrades: VP Aluminum shock hoops, VP Titanium suspension links

FTT SCore:

Quality: 6

Age/Gen: 6

Finish: 8

Durability/Practicality: 6

Resale: 6

Total: 32