deadbolt Budget Build

Ultimate Deadbolt (2015 Version)

First, a quick backstory on this rig. This build started like most builds, with a stock truck. This was going to be the second series that followed my $50 per week upgrade format. The build series was a huge success and was a steady stream of content, I’ll add the playlist below but it is worth noting that many things have changed since the build series. After the series ended, I stopped worrying about the budget and ended up changing many things such as axles, wheels, tires, electronics, front bumper, and many other details.


The purpose of this article is to give a comprehensive list of all the parts used in the Deadbolt as of April 30th, 2017, however soon after this date the truck was sold.




  • Front Motor Mount – ToyZuki Forward Motor Mount – Requires modifications to the top shafts, WATCH THIS VIDEO

  • Top Shaft #1 – Stock – Used in ToyZuki mount, requires modification

  • Top Shaft #2 – Axial Racing – Used in transmission, requires modification

  • Transmission Case – Vanquish Transmission Case

  • Transmission Gears – Axial Transmission Gears

  • Transmission Outputs – Incision Chromoly Outputs

  • Transmission Idler Gear Shaft – Vanquish Idler Gear Shaft

  • Intermediate Shaft – MIP Dig Shaft – Goes between ToyZuki mount and transmission case

  • Driveshafts – MIP SCX10 Driveshafts – I swapped the outputs for versions that used 4mm set pins for easier use

  • Driveshaft Hubs – MIP 5MM Hub x 4- This uses a 4mm set pin like the stock Deadbolt driveshafts which is much better than the 3mm set pins that the MIP SCX10 Driveshafts use. These are not required, they are just something I am picky about.

Front Axle:

Rear Axle:


Rolling Stock

Budget Build Playlist

Again, note that a lot of the items I use and suggest in this video series change by the end.