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Dragbolt - World’s Fastest SCX10

This was the first subject of the Monthly Mayhem series. The challenge was to take a Axial SCX10-2 Deadbolt and create the fastest car possible while retaining the stock style axle, stock body and chassis

Willys VS4-10 Build 4.jpg

Build Breakdown:

Base Vehicle: Axial Racing SCX10-II Deadbolt

Like many custom projects, not much of the base was left at the end, but some that did remain may surprise you. The rear axle remains 100% stock, stock driveshafts and stock shock towers, stock DOG BONES.

Body: Axial Racing Deadbolt

The rules of the challenge stated that we had to use the stock body but trimming was allowed. At the end of the challenge, a custom windshield was added to create downforce in the center of the chassis.

Wheels: on Split Six wheels using MIP 1/8 scale adapters

Tires: Proline 1/8 scale Prime

Motor: Tekin Pro4HD 4500KV

ESC: Tekin RX8

Servo: Tekin

Transmission: Modified Losi SCT-E center diff using machined

Losi Baja Rey outputs for use with driveshafts

Front Axle: Vanquish Products RockJock housing, Vanquish

Products SCX10-II Knuckles, Vanquish Products AR44 6-bolt gears, Vanquish Products Spool

Rear Axle: Stock…everything

Radio: Futaba 4PV

Receiver: Futaba 2106GF

Batteries: Hobbystar 5000mah 3s