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Trip along the South Yuba River at Jolly Boys Mine

Trip along the South Yuba River at Jolly Boys Mine

Mid way on a nice hike at Donner Summit

Mid way on a nice hike at Donner Summit

2019 Vanquish Products VS4-10 Pro - Clear Version

This truck was built as the demo model used to create the promotional material for the release of the Vanquish VS4-10 Pro kit. However, this is actually a combination of both trucks you saw in that material! In the video and pictures, the yellow/gold body was actually on the black version of the truck and the Blue body was on the clear truck. Brandon and I each took one of the truck but I preferred this combo so we swapped lids.

Build Breakdown:

Base Vehicle: Vanquish Products VS4-10 (VPS09001)

The truck started as a Vanquish Products VS4-10 Origin Limited. While the body, sliders and bumpers were removed, the rest of the truck remained mainly unchanged. The chassis was shortened front and rear and cage work was welded directly to the chassis. The transmission is 100% stock, as are the axles, links, shocks, and driveshafts. The front shock towers are the stock plastic towers while the rears were replaced with tabs that were welded to the cage.

Body: JConcepts Bog Hog

While only the cab of the body remains now, the overall styling of the body was retained and a 3D printed grill was added for some more reasonable styling compared to the included stickers. FreqEskinZ headlight decals were used because the included decals were red since this is based on a fullsize monster/mega truck.

Interior: Axial Racing SMT10 (ebay takeout)

Wheels: Vanquish Products Method 105 with 225 SLW hub in front with a 1.9 Stainless brake weight and a 350 hub in the rear

Tires: Proline 4.19” Hyrax (Predator Compound)

Foams: Crawler Innovations Lil Nova 4.25” Tall (Soft front and Med rear)

Motor: Tekin ROC412 3100kv

ESC: Castle Creations Mamba X

Servo: Futaba S9177SV

Winch: Powershift RC Technologies PST-200 Low Profile Winch

Radio: Futaba 4PV

Receiver: Futaba 2106GF

Batteries: Tattu R-line 4s 1300mah 95c Lipo


Welder: Razorweld 160P TIG

TIG Filler: Silica Bronze (for TIG brazing)

Bender (for Tubing): Oakenshield Productions

Bender (for solid rod): BAC Industries Mighty Rod Bender

Tubing: 3/16" O.D. x .035" wall

Solid Rod: 1/8” Solid rod (Home Depot is carrying this in store now)

Thin Aluminum: .025” Aluminum Sheet (Home Depot is carrying this in store now also)